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Find opportunities from the Big Four, magic circle and other exciting companies too! Search for a specific employer, or explore to find the right one for you.

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Easily manage all the opportunities you’re applying to in one place. Forget about excel spreadsheets.

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Apply straight away or save as many opportunities as you want, so you can come back to them once you’re ready. View all of your saved applications and return to the job details page as many times as you need!

Track the entire application process

Track opportunities from before you’ve applied, to when you secure that offer! And if you’re unsuccessful this time, you can also compete applications as rejected to keep track of how many times you’ve applied to each company.

Stay on track

Filter and manage the frequency of your notifications to set the perfect amount.

Job Alerts

Get notified when relevant new opportunities are added to the app! You can select whether to receive these instantly, daily, weekly, or not at all if that’s what you prefer.

Deadline reminders

Personalize your reminders and get notified if a deadline is upcoming. You decide whether to receive reminders or not and how often you receive them.

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